Streaming from your computer to your TV

Troubleshooting video streaming problems

Step One - cleaning and organizing

Some people have been having problems with streaming the videos, so I wrote a quick tweaking guide which should help make your computer as ready as possible to receive media over the net. All the software I link is freeware.

I’ll assume Windows and IE … I can research other browsers and operating systems if necessary.

First make sure your hardware has current drivers. Visit the manufacturer’s site for your video card and download the latest stable version – for most of you this will be either ATI or Nvidia.

You will most likely get chipset drivers bundled with the video card drivers.

Follow the installation instructions – the best way to install a video card is to uninstall the existing drivers, reboot, ignore the dire Windows warnings and run the install for the driver suite you just downloaded.

Then visit windows update and update it all - may as well be current, which includes Internet Explorer.

Then visit Java and Flash and Shockwave to get their latest updates.

Next, do a rigorous cleaning with ATF, CCleaner and DiskCleaner; run them in their default state, clearing out the temp caches and anything else they recommend. You may lose your auto logins for websites so be prepared to log in again afterwards. Clear out all but the most recent system restore point.

Download, install My Defrag, reboot and run the system and data routines.

Now – you should be clean, organized and ready to take a test spin on the net.

If you want to get adventurous, download and run the Speedguide TCP Optimizer, which should help with internet speeds …. Read the docs first.

Step Two Flash Tweaks

Let's try this from another angle.

I'm having no trouble viewing the videos with IE 8.0.6001 ...etc using Java 1.6.0_23 and Flash Player 10,1,102,64.

The videos open in a popup; if you rightclick on the window, I have my quality set at high,. In settings I have hardware acceleration enabled, the website may not access my camera or microphone, I allowed 100kb for storage, the microphone is configured by my sound card and I have no camera plugged in.

You can match your info with this to see if anything is different.

Followed the link to the global settings page at Adobe - you have to make changes to your configuration online! How weird is that? Here's the link (it's the same one as what you get if you choose global settings after right clicking in the window) .

Run through the options and see if anything makes sense. For example, toggling the hardware acceleration on or off is said to help in some cases.

Let me know what happens - I'm sure we can solve this.

Step 3 - Security and Permissions

I had another thought. Clicking on the lesson video link runs a JavaScript command to open the movie in a new window. Maybe some people have restrictive security in place which disallows running JavaScript?

Rather than walk through all the various settings, how about you turn your security down to medium (the 'lowest' level in IE8 ... dumb terminology) - maybe check in the advanced tab to see that the Java box is checked for (Sun Java) - and all the boxes in multimedia can be checked to (maybe leave download placeholders off - doesn't matter).

Reboot IE and see if you can watch the movie.

Step 4 - Give Up and Let It Go

I uploaded the philosphy video onto my free server and wrote a little page to load a flash player and it worked for two of the people who previously could not stream the content.

I'm thinking it's a javascript issue with either a provider, server or end-user restriction. I've advised Francis and that's as far as we can go - it's been a fun problem :).

Check out the tasty page transition - February's Guitar Philosophy

Step 5 - Enable JavaScripting

Many browsers have javaScripting turned off by their tight security routines - this will definitely hamper streaming video if the link is exectuted by JavaScript .

So, you could always check your settings!


BTW - if you can get through a video by waiting, then the complete video will be in your temporary internet cache and you can fish it out and play it whenever you want. I'd suggest you play the .flv video with VideoLan; otherwise Windows will want to open it in a browser window.

Good luck

I also highly recommend these:

VideoLan plays everything - replaces MediaPlayer etc.
Super converts any video file
ImgBurn fast small burner

Use this guide at your own risk etc. but it's all no-brainer stuff - just a set of good practices really. If you run into trouble just let me know and I'll do what I can.

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