Try to give credit where credit is due ... but often authorship gets blurred over time so if you recognize someone's work let us know.

Hold out your Heart goes along with Blinded by the Memory - I think this is from Mandy's old site:

Here's a snip for interlude to Back in NYC that you can work out - not sure where I collected it from:


Here's a fun one - the intro to Return of the Giant Hogweed. It's good tapping practice!

JC Maillet mods amps and pedals. Here's something from his site which might interest us:

Yellow Christian tab from somewhere online ... for Mike :).

Check out Moonyduffy's version - it shows how he assembled the song, and hand positions, which are my downfall. Another of his: Intro to Yellow Christian.

Speed Training

110308 - Have to admit the practicing has gone out the window the past two weeks; but I did start Boot Camp so my fitness level has improved somewhat, and I've voluteered to build sets for our local theatre's production of Ernest.

I asked Robin to help me out with a couple of speed building paterns as I was having trouble running across the neck without stumbling, getting lost or sounding stupid:

I'm adding some other quickeners which I collected at some point. The tricks are to be rigorous about using a metronome, use alternate picking starting with a downstroke, and start at a slow bpm ... say 60 ... until you can do the lick properly for a minute. Then increase to 61, and 62 etc.

Have fun!
P - 110308