In late January 2013 Francis resumed the guitar school with a focus on learning the songs from Tall Blond Helicopter.

The first installment is filed under September 2011 on the guitar school site:

September 2011

48 HOURS parts 1-5
Francis is stressing singing and playing - so I've taken the liberty of attaching lyrics to these songs.
Tech note - Francis is using Vimeo which at present (early 2013) has some issues with win8/IE10 ... so if you don't get video links when you log into the site refresh your screen several many time (hit F5) until the frames open.

You know what ... I'm getting really tired of breaking nails. That, and being unable to use a pick any more. I do normal gardening, woodworking and mechanics and lose at least one nail a month. That is not cool!

P march 2013