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Buddy Guy lick
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Wasn't there Hold Out Your Heart riff?

Been busy NOT playing guitar this month so it's nice to see we have new friends aboard the good ship Dunnery to inspire us. I'll create pages and links some of the stuff I think works when I get a moment or two tonight but I think I'll first show you this:

Just 5 minutes ago I saw an acoustic version online and it struck me that this is a great solo piece, and not so very difficult - so I chased down the tab. Here's the cover version.

PK 110329

Revisisted the Buddy Guy lick for the hell of it today and not until I did it myself did I think it was cool ... it really is! You can move it around, vary the intervals and have fun playing fast.

Looked at he OATW lick too and didn't remember playing it and it turns out to be fun too - as the big man says, move it somewhere else and experiment.

P 110703

Wot the heck - enough time has passed. I uploaded a scan of a way to play the solo in Rose Marie by two-handed tapping (not that I ever stuck with it long enough to get close).

Rose Marie solo

P 130227