January 2011 lessons:

Segovia Strengthening exercise

Finger-picking (Back in NYC)

Scales (maj & min pentatonic, blues)

Blinded By The Memory

The Old Man and the Angel

Once Around the World

Alternate Tunings

Feb 16th ... the subscription on this wiki expires today and I'm not renewing it; it will simply become public and have adverts.

However, I feel I should harp once more on the subject of those fookin fingernails. I grew them out religiously, and filed them, and got used to using my left hand for some things - don't ask! But I'd tear one off every thre weeks or so because I still had to work in teh garden, or build stuff or whatever. So last time I just cut the things off and life was fine.

Then I stumbled across a picture of the fearless leader, and his fingernails are not what I'd call long at all ... which means I might try again.

Look at the picture ... and have swell lives, fellow guitar schoolists. Maybe one day there will be a test :).

PK - 120216


More bloody fingernail nonsense - I just cut them off again because they kept breaking with normal gardening/building/daily activities. I'm not going this far:

I've strictly followed the regimen of wearing rubber gloves when showering for most of the past year. The results have been little short of astounding. After even a few months I noticed a significant difference, but now my nails are hard as rock. I'm getting a really great tone – very nearly comparable to steel finger picks – from relatively short finger nails. Of course metal strings are still going to chew them up with sufficient playing time, but that will take much longer than before.

Life's too short :) PK 130404