After a whole two years of technical difficulties and video challenges with the Francis Dunnery Online Guitar School the lessons are now continuing with hi definition video, better sound and easy streaming capabilities. I spoke with Francis this morning and he explained " Oh man, where do I start? The good news is that I finally figured out a perfect way to record, edit and publish web videos and they are now ready to go on my website. Only those people who are yearly subscription members of the online guitar school will be able to finish off the course".

He continues " I still owe the students four months of lessons so from September class onwards, I have recorded the guitar lessons for most of Tall Blonde Helicopter and they will be free to all those people who are already members of the guitar school. The Tall Blonde Helicopter lessons will be available to the rest of the public at a later date as will the rest of my albums and the it bites albums as well. I already have The Way Things Are published so people can start learning. the rest of the songs will be going up over the next few days".

Francis began recording the guitar school after many requests from musicians to produce guitar lessons but immediately ran into format issues and streaming problems. " I had bit rate issues in Europe, I had people complaining who had Windows 95, I had internet companies telling me non truths on live chat in particular Mark, from Shanghai, Tracy from India and Tony from Bangladesh! I swear to God you couldn't make this stuff up. It was hilarious. I started the project in Mercury Retrograde and I got my ass kicked! "

" It's one thing to put something up on Youtube but it's a whole different ball game when you host it on your own site and compress and embed it yourself. There are so many potential pitfalls to publishing web video you have no idea. I have taken online video courses, I have spoken to experts, I have tried every format possible and absolutely no one came up with the right answers to my questions. So, in good old Capricorn fashion I set about finding out the best way to shoot and host web video. You'll be pleased to know that after two years of endless tests, I am now an expert at it, my new videos look great and they play smoothly on any computer. We have standard definition for those people with old, slow computers and we have hi definition for those people who are living in the real world! I am incredibly happy to have finally figured this out because i have an online Astrology course happening soon and simply couldn't bear to go through all that again. I will also be re recording all the guitar school videos so people can actually watch them without glitches. I am also going to be releasing my CD's on guitar lesson format. It's very exciting stuff".

He continues " I'm sure the guys on the guitar school thought I had abandoned them but I always come through in the end.... you just have to wait a little!

All students of the guitar school can now log in and begin playing the Tall Blonde Helicopter videos in hi definition. Keep checking September's lessons for new videos.

Tall Blond Helicopter track listings:
Release Date - 1995

[01] 48 Hours
[02] The Way Things Are
[03] Too Much Saturn
[04] In My Dreams
[05] Sunshine
[06] Rain or Shine
[07] The Johnny Podell Song
[08] I Believe I Can Change the World
[09] I Don't Want to Be Alternative
[10] Because I Can
[11] Immaculate
[12] Only New York Going On
[13] Father and Son
[14] Grateful and Thankful
[15] Little Snake

Download from Francis Dunnery dot com

Tech note - Francis is using Vimeo which at present (early 2013) has some issues with win8/IE10 ... so if you don't get video links when you log into the site refresh your screen several many time (hit F5) until the frames open.