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Peter Kulich

Me, I'm just a lawnmower ... and I do other things around the house too. I've played guitar and sung for many years, but never seriously and almost never for money. My passion over the past decade has been with guitar synthesis; which means I spend more time gathering gear and trolling for patches than I do playing. I'd love to be able to play like Howe, Fripp or Hackett, or Gary Greene, Hillage or Keneally but it ain't gonna happen so I'm hoping that by sticking with this course and these classes I'll develop enough chops and discipline to be a happy, slappy prog guitarist. And maybe I'll find someone in town to play with. Or on this list!

Red River Valley in the Himalaya
Jamie WismerI've been playing as a hobby for about twenty years. I've dabbled in a bunch of different styles but I've never seriously pursued music. I took some one on one lessons with Francis when he lived in New York. Great experience! When I saw he was offering the online school, I couldn't resist the chance to pick up where I left off so long ago. It's great to be back. Professionally, I'm a veteran high school English teacher and I have the battle scars to prove it. Personally, I live at home with my wife, 5 year old daughter and have a son coming to the world in June. I think this wiki will be beneficial to all of us but the key to a successful wiki is participation. If you don't get involved, it will wither. So, if you are reading this, get involved.
hi guys
my name is iain,
i`ve been playing for more years than i care to remember,i love my guitars,
ive played in bands for years and years.
been in a band for just about every style,
jazz,rock,funk,covers,blues etc etc,i`ll play anthing,just done a theatre production of rent,
enjoying the online lessons so far,i`ve been a fan of francis since the it bites days,and its good that we are all learning together,
looking forward to speaking with you al as the course progresses,
Nice to see you all - have a look at what has been posted so far and add your practice ideas to the pool. - PK 110205

Pete Cuesta
Hey guys, this is my 29th year of noodling around on the guitar. It is my greatest friend, unfortunately it is also brutally honest and unforgiving....which keeps me coming back for more! I am a physician and my wife swears that the only reason I practice is to afford more gear. I am in a band with two other guys and we do not get to play as much as we would like. (Who does....Francis maybe) I first heard Francis 6 years ago when introduced to him by a friend. Since then I have seen him multiple times at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia. I am enjoying the course so far and am looking forward to learning more.

Bob the Chiropodist
I'm brand new to the guitar and SO wishing I'd taken it up 10, 20n or 30 yrs ago (I'm 46 now!). I started taking my 7 year old Matty & I for weekly lessons since Christmas - he has half an hour then I have half an hour. I'm using FD as an adjunct and it seems to work well so far.
Saw FD at a house concert just before Xmas and wrote it up here
My brother Dave is a FAB guitarist and has an album you can download for free here
He too has signed up for guitar school though I don't think he needs it - perhaps I never picked up a guitar cos I knew I'd never be as good as him?