Muddling through (Feb 2nd) with my lyrics, tabs and guitar ... I just played the live version from It Bites Live at Montreux and it became crystal clear. If you have access to this track it will really help. Peter

110210 - Check out Duffy Moon's videos:

Intro Once Around the World

Been meaning to post this ... here's an alternate voicing for the beginning section. By playing on the thicker strings I find you get a meatier sound.

You have to switch your fingers for the third chord, but it's easy. P 110312

Lovely playing with delay!!! Here's a couple of things I found out ... watching the January OATW lesson I noticed the picking was all downstrokes. So was the picking in the twiddly bit. And the beginning of the delay bit here (b - d - f# - e part) is also only downstrokes. P 110218