I was going to add these into the last month's lessons but time passed me by.

We played in a lot of non-standard keys in our last band. Playing guitar synth I tried to stay away from the space and shapes the other guitarist used, which mean inverted chord shapes ... and stretching. These stretches make it much easier more me to play, say, the solo chord section of Blinded By The Memory, so I thought I'd post some tab to show why. Peter

OK - the next lesson came in ... I see the point but I hate long fingernails. Hate ... I'm a lawnmower and nail hammerer who always has no white showing on the nail tips. Oh well, I will persevere - PK

Are we stronger? Yikes ... left hand, right hand, vocal line; this is getting Jekyl and Hyde. The weird thing is that while I was despairing, and my own stuff was suffering because I no longer seem able to play properly, I tried some songs from long ago in the bar band days and my timing and attack was just fine - so I'm sure things have improved. It's forest for the trees stuff - PK 110207