Soldier came up around 10:00 PM Pacific ... we learned most of it on the cruise and played along at the last concert. Nice to get the verse bit from the horse's mouth instaed of blagging along in open D.

Have to say it again - it really helps to have the lyrics in front of you. 110214 PK

Francis refers to tab in the videos but I cannot find them anywhere on the site. Is it just me or is everyone else not seeing the tab?

They are not up yet ... and he's on tour in the West until next week. It might be a case of hurry up and wait; however, we learned the basics in 10 minutes on the ship and I expect you can too ;). Is there anything specific that we could help with? 110218 PK

Actually, yes. I am having trouble figuring out the chords to the second part of the verse (after the stretchy finger bit). Thanks for offering your help.

Here's the tab for the chords for the second half of the verse (the place he'd like to live) ... no rhythm or fingering, just the notes

Hope it helps - PK 110218

Thank you so much! Helped a lot.