My last band leader maintained it was harder to play rhythm guitar than lead - Larry Carlton said he could make any lead guitarist sound great - Danny Gatton made a lesson sequence showing how to drive the band with rythym guitar.

Flailing is an option!

BTW - does the lesson rhythm match:

Johnny got a motor, Johnny got a guitar.
Johnny got a room, and a woman to pay.
Johnny got a big part, playing in a video.
Johnny on the freeway...

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I was feeling that rhythm while he was going over rhythm guitar. I don't think it matches exactly but I think 'American Life in the Summertime' was definitely on his mind while he was going over the material. If he could only have us experientially use that sone for rhythm guitar practice....that would be awesome!

I watched all 5 segments again today and got some more matches running through my head ... beginning of Too Much Saturn, main beat of Magic Bus, solo section of live Homegrown ... it's bloody hard to keep the rhythm going and do the da da, de da da de gah parts AND dance around the room! PK

BTW - google is your friend; search for lyrics/tabs and you'll get almost anything. If you have any problems just let me know. P

Hah! Francis' comment about natural rhythm stirred a memory ... if you have it, listen to the intro to American Life In The Summertime from - One Night In Sauchiehall Street. PK

More fun with rhythm ... Highway to Hell ... I'm thinking about T Rex and Banging that drum too. Texas swamp musik! natural rythym (when they sees me comin', they all steps aside!). P

More connections; I was going to link this in the tabs section anyway, but ... look at Steve Howe's picking hand in this lesson and see how it keeps the beat! I've Seen All Good People lesson Check out the rest of these lessons for a closeup view of those astounding fingertips making it all look easy. Sigh P 110223