Ever since last month that piece of the Sor song has rattled in my head - and it had no resolution. I started to add bits for fun and decided late last night to throw something onto the computer for fun. Listening to it now I can see it's pretty trashy - not only my poor voice, but I also seem to have some learning about DAWs yet to do. So, in all fun and realizing it is just for a laugh, I give you Sore. Be patient, it has to load.

PK 110330

Yah, that was pretty bum - my son said it sounded like a bunch of drunks and my wife said it was horrible. I didn't ask my plants but Francis said I was still a fucking Leo ... so I might take the doubling and autotune off the vocals and redo them, and modulate up one step for the last bit ... if I get the energy to flog this dead horse.

But in the meantime I found a Sor bit on the Tube which is the etude Francis plays at house concerts - Study Opus 1.

PK 110404

BTW - compare these two!