April 2011 lessons

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Give Up and Let It Go

Let Us All Go

OATW lick

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April Scale exercise

~ May 2011 already!

- rather than retune from open D today I worked out fingerings for Back in NYC that work :

And then yesterday, May 22nd, I worked out a version of Blinded By The Memory in open D:

I just put this stuff up here because it comes to mind and is easier than practicing - I'm sure you all noticed that I reversed the tab, or, at least, it's upside down. Open D is symetrical and I got confused. My working of the song is also wrong, but being limited by the tuning I figured that could be artistic license ... I play it a bit differently now.

Feel free to correct/amend/comment/adapt ... it's not supposed to be passive, this learning thing.

May lessons were due yesterday, so I guess they'll be uploaded tomorrow.

Peter May 24, 2011 ... Canucks made it to the Stanley Cup Finals tonight.