Alternate Tunings ... Joni Mitchell.

If you own a Roland VG-8 there are two patch collections which contain all the Joni tunings. In fact, there is a story that Joni had given up touring because she could not change to the vast number of tunings she needed on stage and the introduction of the Roland VG-8 allowed to change tuninngs with the flick of a finger. I have a VG-8 and they are wonderful pieces of technology ...

The bit Francis played is Soldier, which he taught to the guitar group on the cruise.

I must say a metrognome and singing along are absolutely necessary - his timing is immaculate and he is so relaxed and in the moment that you don't realize how hard it is to sing his stuff AND play it until you try. Probably better to develop your own version :).

In the same vein as Soldier is Give Up And Let It Go. I might be jumping the gun, but it can't hurt to practice picking ahead.

Give Up And Let It Go Tin Angel
Give Up And Let It Go Tess' version for inspiration. Slow down Tess :) ... it's bloody hard.



Pierre Besusan technique video


Del Puckett tapping demo ... have to get yet another guitar to leave in this tuning while I learn it :). Very cool ideas here - 110210